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Empowering engineers to have the strength to take risks and try new roles that will stretch their abilities. Microteq is top level manufacturing, machining, and assembly.

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Enlightening others to see creative vision turn into reality by integrating originality and imagination in every memorable event. Viva Global Events are made to stand out.

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Educating and bringing awareness to different cultures, organizations, and controversial issues. Spark Media brings you international entertainment, style, and society news.

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Vaishali Dev is the Co-Founder + CEO of multiple business entities based out of San Antonio, TX.  She is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world for sparking the growth of future leaders around her.

Women are slowly making inroads in manufacturing – a sector long dominated by men – and she has skillfully steered Microteq Engineering Inc. at the forefront of innovation for the defense, aerospace, semiconductor, energy, medical, oil, and technology industries. “From the start, we knew we found the right people who understood our needs with solutions”, Lockheed Martin. She has since expanded her talents into the entertainment and event production industry.

Vaishali Dev is driven to empower, enlighten, and educate those around her, which has extended her reach to other leaders all over the world. Every entrepreneur wants to make an impact and change the world and a well-connected network will get you there faster.

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